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Synectics Solutions have been providing vehicle and finance configuration and customer management solutions to some of the world's leading automotive brands for over 25 years.

With our industry specific knowledge, our advanced technology can help to ensure that you mantain your competitive edge in a fast changing market.

Our Finance Configuration and Customer Relationship Management systems enable some of the world's best known automotive brands to improve their profitability through increased customer retention and satisfaction.

Over 20 years' experience working with many of the world renowned automotive brands

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Automotive Finance

Automotive companies need to be able to provide distributors and underwriters with the ability to offer a variety of finance and insurance options across multiple online platforms

Built to integrate with your own configuration systems

Synectics Solutions provides a range of solutions capable of integrating with client’s own vehicle configuration tools.

This enables clients to offer their customers a variety of finance and insurance products across multiple online and mobile.

Proven technology deployed across Europe

Synectics Solutions Auto Finance Configurator is already succesfully deployed across 11 countries for a number of world renowned automotive brands, who use the technology to help optimise their dealership network in financing and insuring customers.

Proven technology deployed across Europe

Empowers you to sell more products

Tailoring the finance and insurance products you offer by the type of products the customers are building, as well as their profile or location, will improve your sales conversion ratios by ensuring the most competitive market rates are provided to customers.

Improved revenue generation

The capability to self-administer which finance or insurance products you offer by region or customer profile makes certain that your network reflects best-practice when deciding on finance partners.

Automotive CRM

Our Automotive CRM solutions have been developed in conjunction with a number of renowned global automotive brands to provide a truly effective automotive CRM system that optimises customer communication management and improves vehicle finance renewal rates

Scalable, simple to use but highly effective

Our solutions are built in close consultation with users to ensure that they are easy to implement but highly effective at providing dealers and network managers the necessary tools and insight to target and schedule their customer communications for maximum effect.

Lead management made easy

Automotive CRM provides your dealerships with easy to use lead management and sales funnel functionality so that they can easily manage and maintain their customer contact and communications depending upon where the customer is in their renewal cycle.

Lead management made easy

Run campaigns nationally or locally

National Network Managers or Local Dealerships can all run segmented and targeted communication campaigns to put real marketing power into the hands of all levels of your sales organisation.

Built specifically for Automotive Networks

Unlike many global CRM tools Automotive CRM was built specifically to enhance a dealership networks ability to retain and grow their customer base. Support for Salesman Lead Sheets as well as a host of reporting, campaign scheduling and letter management tools – all come as standard features.

Improved retention rates

Full contact history, intelligent campaign targeting and regular activity and retention reporting all helps to drive up your vehicle finance renewal success rates.

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