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Your employees are valuable assets, representing your brand and reputation, so getting the right people is key and as an employer you need to ensure stringent checks are done in order to meet with compliance and regulatory requirements and reduce the risk of leaving your business exposed to potential harm.

Employee theft such as embezzlement can cost organisations billions and with the risk of internal fraud, additional resource such as time and investment in criminal proceedings and re-establishing reputational damage can significantly impact businesses.

In addition, UK employment legislation now mandates that all employers including local authorities and public sector organisations are responsible for ensuring their employees have a right to work in the UK. Keeping on top of this in a large organisation is no easy task.


Penalties of up to £20,000 per employee can be levied against organisations for contravening this legislation.


Businesses involved in the financial sector are already required to effectively screen prospective and current employees to meet with Financial Conduct Authority regulations.


A report, by HR Review, has estimated that in the recruitment of a replacement employee, following an incorrect appointment, you’ll be left with another £30,000 cost


Synectics Solutions offers a flexible Employee Vetting solution which enables you to screen your potential and existing employees against a combination of National SIRA and other third-party data sources. You can take control of the screen process, with the option to carry out checks via an online, automated real-time feed or on a regular ad-hoc basis.

Our solutions help you take control of the screening process, which will provide enhanced due diligence and supports regulatory compliance requirements, giving you confidence and reassurance throughout the recruitment process.

This service provides enhanced due diligence and supports regulatory compliance requirements giving you confidence and reassurance throughout the recruitment process. Checks include:

Enhanced Digital Profiling

Digital verification checks to give you a complete view of your customers’ digital history including email, device and mobile intelligence.

National SIRA

The UK’s leading fraud and risk prevention and detection database contributed to by over 100 organisations. It provides access to known adverse and criminal intelligence supplied and constantly updated by the entire SIRA syndication membership.

PEPs and Sanctions

Politically exposed person screening, which includes intelligence on relatives and close associates and special interest persons. Sanctions checks help ensure you remain compliant and reduce the risk of your business being exposed to harm.

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Criminal Intelligence

Details threats from serious and organised crime gathered during criminal operations and law enforcement agencies.

Disclosure of Death Registration Information

Disclosure of Death Registration information to assist you in the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud and risk, particularly useful in helping you identify impersonation of the deceased.

Identification and Verification Checks

A comprehensive range of data sources to ensure that you gain the necessary insight and confidence that your customers are who they say they are. Confirm an applicant’s name, address, bank account information and the presence or absence of any adverse public data. This can help to streamline your customer boarding processes while mitigating risks, fraud or financial crime.

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National Fraud Initiative

Improve your ability to identify fraud by enriching your intelligence with data from the National Fraud Initiative – contributed to by over 1,200 local authorities and public sector organisations, with access to 22 data sets including Home Office immigration data and Visa information.

Business and Directorship Checks

Screening data linked to business professionals and organisations including accounts and credit summary data.

25 years'


We have been working with our customers for over 25 years to help them harness the power of their data

£3 Billion

Fraud prevented

SIRA – the UK’s leading fraud prevention database have helped prevent in excess of £3 billion in losses to financial crime


Data providers

SIRA members have access to data provided by over 130 banks and financial services providers, insurers, retailers and telecommunications companies

"While we already have industry-leading checks for identity and financial stability, along with device recognition, we wanted to do more. Using these systems will further enhance Rated People’s protection from abuse, misuse and potentially fraudulent activity."
Gareth Grobler, Fraud and Risk Manager, Rated People


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